St Benedict, Jesus & Miraculous Medal Door Hanger plus Freebies

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The Philippines is the largest Roman Catholic nation in Asia, and as such, most Filipinos are no strangers to flexing their faith through the use of religious objects. Lately, we’ve been seeing the adaptation of the St. Benedict medal as a door hanger.  Not to be mistaken as a bracelet, this version of the miraculous St. Benedict medal is specifically for the home, meant to hang on doorknobs. They are given for the protection of the house and the family that lives in it  ̶  from danger, calamities, and all kinds of evil, via the St. Benedict medal.

The St. Benedict medal has a long history, beginning with St. Benedict’s devotion to the cross, as documented in the writings of St. Gregory the Great.  Originally, the medal depicted St. Benedict holding a cross in his right hand and The Rule of St. Benedict in his left hand.  Eventually, the cross on the reverse side of the medal was surrounded by a series of letters.  A manuscript dating back to 1415 details the meaning of the letters. In 1880, the Benedictine monks of Montecassino designed the St. Benedict medal as we know it today, to commemorate the 1400th birth anniversary of the saint.

Bundle includes:

✨ St Benedict, Jesus and Miraculous Medal Door Hanger
✨ St Benedict Car Accessories
✨ Padre Pio Necklace
     Material: Stainless steel
     Pendant Diameter: 20mm, 18mm 15mm
     Snake Chain:  45CM/18inches (Approx.) or 50CM/20inches (Approx.)
     High Quality, Hypoallergenic, Long time Non Tarnish Not Pawnable
✨ Padre Pio Healing Oil